Monday, February 1, 2010

You see, I'm not shit shy.

Food 4-Less
Las Vegas, NV
"My friends and I shopped here for some alcohol to take back to our hotel room. I was in the middle of shopping, and I had to take a shit. You see, I'm not shit shy. I'll take one anywhere. Anyway, I had to go so I gave my friends money for my portion of the liquor and headed for the restrooms. I have to say, the restrooms were actually very clean for a grocery store. I did my do, or doo doo (shall I say) and left. I was pleasantly surprised by my bathroom experience there.

Great place to shop and shit. :)"

Las Vegas, NV
"where's my wine ? 'sorry sir, i put the order in but the bartender is ignoring me - i 'll get the manager to have him open a bottle.' Don't bother as i look over and i see the bartender making time with a blonde bim(bo). finally order the chocolate molten cake. 'just so you know, it takes 15-20 minutes' huuh ?? thanks for the heads up. we order the churros instead - i wish we had our camera! the pile of churros are arranged like its a PILE OF SHIT !!! I can't lie, it was decent shit, but i told the server, you may want to 'straighten' out the churros, he looked at it, chuckled and said he will inform the chef. about the only laugh i had all night."

"So you have a crappy seafood restaurant that fails miserably. What do you do? Add tapas to the menu!"

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