Sunday, January 24, 2010

Shitty of Angels

Silverlake Craft Fair
Los Angeles, CA
"It's pretty shitty."

Haifa Restaurant
Los Angeles, CA
"The staff's stares, whispers, stink eye, and intimated finger pointing was annoying and exceedingly intolerant. The food was overpriced and substandard. Lots of Israeli pickles, bland meats, and fresh vegetables sadly drowned to death in soupy tahini. Shitty food, shitty people, shitty prices, shitty dining experience."

Aju Travel & Tours
Los Angeles, CA
"If you want to be pissed off wasting half a trip making 100+ mile detours to switch buses so they can save money, then please go with Aju.
If you love to go to shitty hotels and shitty restaurants and spend a lot of travel time going to said shitty hotels and restaurants, then please go with Aju.
If you want the owner of the business to walk out on you to hightail it to his car while you're trying to ask him why they do any of the above, then please go with Aju."

Cora's Mexican Food
Culver City, CA
(Note from the Blog Editor: This is long, but it is worth the read.)
"Cora was an example of a too highly efficient waitress. Before the last word of whatever I was saying to her would be out of my mouth, she'd already walked away. Although my b/f and I were not overtly rude to her in any way, we did talk about how bad the food was to each other. I'm assuming Battleaxe Cora overheard us and got a bee in her bonnet about it. When check time came, she came over to us, slammed the check down and walked away in a huff. The check had the word FREE written on it in large letters. When I asked her what it was she snidely spelled the word out for me. At that point, I was like F--- this b----, let's roll. But my b/f felt bad for some odd reason (why? shitty food and a shitty attitude??) and wanted to leave some money, so we did. I was the last one out of the restaurant (since my b/f decided to hightail it out ASAP) and as I was walking away I heard Cora behind me yelling What is this? I turned around to see her waving my money at me. I tried to be nice and tell her we had to leave her something and she drew herself up to her full 4'8" and yelled Don't argue with me ma'am! Is not nice and threw the money at me and walked away."

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